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Francie Healy

Francie June 2018 Low Res.jpg

I am:

  • an editor and writer of many disciplines and much experience, but my specialty is the ability to explain things ‒ or help others to explain things ‒  in a way that is simple, easy to read, and interesting ‒ no matter how dry the subject might seem to be. 

  • cleared by Government of Canada security for  Enhanced Reliability.

  • an experienced publications designer and publisher.

  •  a natural teacher and motivator. I like people.

  •  an experienced interviewer.

  • a stickler for deadlines, spelling, grammar, style and editorial excellence.

  • a disciplined,  journalistic and skilled technical/documentation writer .

  • a writer of  snappy digital content and ad copy.

  • a features writer of  stories that show depth and perspective. 

  • organized and good with detail.

  • a fast writer and a sharp-eyed editor. I like making other writers'  words  shine.

  • accustomed to working remotely, but I  enjoy meeting and brainstorming with team members in person whenever possible. 

  •  an advanced user of Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Microsoft and Google on Windows and Mac. 

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