Unique designs for children

I love children and childhood, and this is the way I celebrate both -- with Buttercup for Children: sweet designs for babies and toddlers. Please click the button to see more.

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Ottawa Renovates Magazine

I also love to design publications of all kinds, print and digital. This is one. Please click the button to see the digital edition.

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Book Design

Let me design your book -- Cover, Dustjacket, inside pages. Please click the button to get in touch.

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For children (and their adults)

When you're an older sibling, even if you're only three or four years old, and you have a little brother, life can be a bit of a challenge -- especially when that little brother takes your stuff, spills your milk, and splashes you in the bath. This book shows you some basic sibling survival skills (with a bit of unconditional love thrown in). By Francie Healy. 34 pages, 7.5" by 7.5" square.
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