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Publications Designer

Give me your publication and I'll design it! With a solid background in typography, layout, and graphic design, I make magazines, newspapers, newsletters, posters and books beautiful. (See Books section.) 

I'm the art director and editor of Ottawa Renovates magazine, which goes to about 30,000 homes in the Ottawa, Canada region and tells homeowners everything they need to know about professional renovations. The magazine also promotes the industry and the RenoMark program.

Banner Designer


Designer of about 150 (2ft wide by 5 ft high) unique vinyl street banners for Westport, Ontario sponsored by the Government of Canada and commissioned by Westport in Bloom. More than 100 banners are a fantastic celebration of the art of children in two local schools. The children did the original artwork. I worked with each child to recreate each piece in Photoshop and InDesign, in very high resolution, for printing on double-sided heavy vinyl. The banners represent the unique individual art of close to 200 children. They hang in Westport each year from late May to October.

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