Technical writing and editing

The confidential nature of software documentation prevents me from displaying any actual samples of the many user guides and manuals I have developed, written, edited and maintained. But I can tell you what I do.

My specialty is in the creation of information that is easy to read and understand, easy to follow, and practical for any user at any level of technical ability.  Each piece of software requires several manuals, depending on topic and user role. When the software is complex, detailed, and highly technical, it makes simple, "friendly" writing that much more of a challenge.


It's a challenge I enjoy, because above all else I am a writer and communicator.

My experience

Indpendent contractor with a variety of clients, including CorelDRAW, Jumping Elephants, and Ross Video.


Ross Video.

Ross Video is a privately-held Canadian company that designs and manufactures equipment for live event and video production. 

My responsibility: Creating a knowledgebase of documentation and user guides for customers and support staff.

Bridgeline Digital, U.S. and Canada. Contract position, September, 2019 – April, 2020; October 2021.

Bridgeline Unbound is a powerful multi-dimensional suite of software products for Marketing, Content Management Systems, Retail, Commerce, Portal, Social and Analytics.

My responsibility: writing user guides for the Bridgeline suites and companies in organized, attractive easy-to-follow language. 


Fibrestream Ottawa,Ont. Contract position, July – September 2019.

Fibrestream Ottawa is an internet service provider catering to people who live in condos.

My responsibility: creating a full knowledgebase for customers. 


Stantive Technologies Group, Kingston, Ont. Full-time position, August 2014 – June 2019.

Stantive Technologies Group was founded by Doug Girvin under Sun Microsystems in the 1990s. Stantive developed OrchestraCMS, the first Enterprise class Content Management Platform built 100 per cent natively on the platform with Walmart as one of its main clients.

My responsibility: writing, editing and consistent updating of all user guides for OrchestraCMS. Worked closely with developers and SMEs to translate and explain technical language about this complex product into about 18 clear and comprehensive guides for Salesforce customers; and maintained a Salesforce Library for the documentation. Programs used: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat, Google, Microsoft Word.


Stantive Technologies was acquired by Bridgeline Digital in 2019.